⚡️High Voltage Extracts⚡️- Rosin and Terp Sauce


SKU: C.R.E.A.M CANNABIS -Gold Standard of CannabisLondon, ON⚡️High Voltage Extracts⚡️- Rosin and Terp Sauce1gram Live Rosin Categories: , Tags: ,




9 Rock Sauce – Hybrid

Afghan Skunk Sauce – Indica

Shiskaberry Sauce- Indica

Girl Scout Platinum Sauce – Hybrid

Super Skunk Sauce – Indica

10th Planet Sauce – Indica

Super Lemon Haze – Indica



Blue Ice Live Rosin – Hybrid

Euphoria Live Rosin – Sativa

Strippers Spit Live Rosin – Indica

Gelatto Live Rosin – Indica

Pink Bubba Live Rosin – Indica

Gods Incredible Hulk – Sativa

Captain Pink Live Rosin – Indica





1gram Live Rosin, 1 gram Terp Sauce


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