Lucky Bastard [5️⃣ ]


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They are accented by thick, fuzzy pistils and an impressive blanket of tiny, frost-white trichomes. Out of the packaging, a pungent aroma is likely to alert any people in your vicinity to what’s going on. Lucky Bastard smells just like the damp redwood forests of the Pacific Northwest: slightly skunky, earthy, and woody with hints of berry and pine. The flavour is what caused the strain to become so popular in the first place. Users love this strain because it has a delicious flavour that tastes like blueberries and pine. As your mind is elevated, a sense of euphoria washes over your mind and body alike. You’ll likely find yourself in a zen state of mind, consciously introspecting yourself without falling into the trap of negative recursive thinking. An intense sensation of complete relaxation will hit your body like a truck, leaving you completely and utterly sedated in complete relaxation. Cannabis users medical and recreational alike can benefit from this incredibly strong body high if they suffer from chronic pains and inflammation like arthritis. A tingly sensation quickly spreads throughout your torso and limbs, leaving you feeling warm and comfortable in your skin. This feeling is important as the warm, tingly, hugging sensation is a great effect for those who suffer from depression – freed from its recursive ways.


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